Our goal is accuracy with personalized service.

Dressell Inventory Company, Inc. has provided Physical Parts Inventories for (for all makes) Automobile Dealerships since 1946. In addition, we service Freightliner Truck stores. Our Staff is very familiar with the following in-house computer systems: CDK (ADP & Alliance), CDK DASH, Reynolds & Reynolds, Dealer Track, Auto Soft, Auto/Mate, PBS, MPK and Access. We count all your parts, input the new inventory, process and update your on hand counts at your Dealership.All counts are taken by professionals. All on-hand variances are checked by our staff consisting of men and women with many years of experience in the parts industry. “Work in Process”, Pending Credits, Cores, and NPN Parts and Accessories are counted in your inventory. Reconciliations are available upon request. After the inventory, we run reports with the new counts, analyze your inventory, provide you with our reports, make recommendations, deliver and review the reports at your convenience.Our goal is accuracy with personalized service and prompt attention to your needs. As a customer, you have come to expect the best, and that is what we deliver here at Dressell Inventory Company, Inc. Our commitment is to provide accurate counts, update your Parts Inventory onto your in-house Computer System as well as provide a final PartsInventory value for you and your CPA and/or Auditors.Our Service area is concentrated in Michigan, Ohio and Indiana. In addition, we serviced the “Penske Automotive Group” in states such as Arizona, California, Texas and Nevada for over six years. We alsoserviced “Ford Motor Company, Dealer Development” dealerships forover 30 years. Throughout all these years, we have also performed special inventories involving “buy and sells”. This has always providedus the opportunity to expand our business while giving us the pleasure of meeting new customers.

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